Ubuntu 14.04 web server, need help with the Domain names.

October 13, 2014 2.7k views

Hello I have a droplet running ubuntu 14.04 I have installed LAMP and configured it to host 2 websites [with different domain names] both domains are working properly if I access them using name.com and name1.com but if I’m trying to access them using www.name.com and www.name1.com are not working. I set the dns a few days ago so I don’t think it is about the propagation delay. Anyone have any ideas or can explain if I forgot to do anything ?

2 Answers

u should add www records to ur publick ip(A NAME) and for better seo u should add ur nackeddomain 301 redirect to www.xxx.com,fell free to mail me at tvvocold AT gmail.com

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