[Ubuntu 14] init-checkconf fails "ERROR: failed to ask Upstart to check conf file"

May 18, 2015 3.2k views
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I have followed this tutorial:


and got as far as the instructions to run "init-checkconf /etc/init/testjob.conf" and that's where I'm stuck. It fails (after a few seconds), with the message:

 ERROR: failed to ask Upstart to check conf file

so all I know is that my startup task doesn't work and I can't figure out why. The checkconf process has written files to /tmp/ but they're empty, so not much help there.

When I google for this, I find lots of people saying that installing or launching dbus will help. I have tried this and it's still the same.

1 Answer

Try using using sudo init-checkconf /etc/init/testjob.conf. That's what worked for me.

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