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June 7, 2019 272 views
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I have just updated my server Ubuntu version from 16.04. to 18.04.
During the installation I preferred to keep my current version of the systemctl file. I previously made some adjustments regarding swap configuration. I was wondering, since now I will not be having the default 18.04 version of the file, are there any notable and important additions to the file I should add manually?

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jtittle MOD June 7, 2019
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To my knowledge, no changes would need to be made. If the service file for a specific piece of software is managed upstream (through repositories) and a change is needed, it'll come down as that software is updated.

If you're using custom service definitions, as long as they're functioning and the journal is clear of errors, you should be good to go.

Great, thanks for the answer. Didn't get any errors after setting up the update, so I believe everything is fine.

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