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January 7, 2019 789 views
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I would like to know if it's possible to create a Custom Image of a Linux Ubuntu 18 Desktop running on VirtualBox and upload it to Digital Ocean and create a droplet from it.

I know it's possible with Ubuntu 18 Server, but I wanted the desktop version

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Hi Ferrolho - you can definitely do that! Check that you meet a few basic custom image requirements when installing the environment inside a local virtual machine. Then export the disk, upload that file in the control panel, and create a new Droplet from the custom image in your account.

Also keep in mind that desktop GUI environments (which aren't installed by default on our own images) are more resource-intensive than command-line environments, so you'll likely need a Droplet with at least 2 GB memory depending on how many applications you want to run inside the Droplet.

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