Ubuntu script to run on image load

March 5, 2015 1.1k views
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I am using ubuntu machine for my hadoop testing. When i finished my work, I save snapshot and destroy droplet. I created rsa key for passwordless login to localhost in droplet. Next time I create droplet from saved snapshot but it seems like ssh localhost is not working anymore without password. I need to delete contents of known_hosts file and again create rsa for passwordless login to localhost. One solution i can think is to wrap above steps in script and run that script only at droplet creation from snapshot. But I don't know how to configure this script. Is there any other way to accomplice above task.

1 Answer

When you deploy a droplet from a snasphot ssh keys for the root user are removed but keys for other user accounts should remain in place.

You can use user-data to execute commands or run scripts on droplet creation. This guide should help.

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