Ubuntu server 14.04.2 LTS droplet random freeze

December 22, 2015 2k views
Miscellaneous Ubuntu DigitalOcean

Hi, im Runing Ubuntu server 14.04.2 LTS
And it’s sometimes randomly freezing.
Can’t access it over SSH, or digitalocean build in terminal, i haw to power it of and start again from digitalocean homepage.

What should i check to define main issue?

2 Answers

I would recommend, once your droplet is back up, checking your log files starting with /var/log/syslog for details about what happened just before your droplet became unresponsive. If you do not find anything there you can also check the other log files in that directory and it’s subdirectory to see if any of your services recorded an issue.

Kind of silly to answer a question this old, but I was having the same problem. What I forgot to do on a new droplet running postfix was to set up anvil rate limiting.


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