Unable To Change Root Password

August 29, 2015 3.5k views

After resetting the root password on my droplet using the web interface, I can no longer log into my droplet. When I try to connect via ssh or via the web interface's console, I am prompted for the root password (which was emailed to me), after which I am prompted to change my password. There are three steps here, all of which I am completing correctly: first I enter in the old root password, and then I type in my new password twice. After this happens, I am immediately logged out of the droplet, and the new password is not saved, so I am unable to access my droplet. How can I get back into my droplet?

2 Answers

That is a bit odd.. Might want to contact support. You shouldn't be logged right out unless you have a script or infected system...

I have the same problem but no help from digital ocean support so far

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