Unable to clone GitHub repos in GitLab

September 13, 2014 8.9k views

I've installed GitLab via One-Click install on a droplet. It's working fine for repos I've created within GitLab, but I can't seem to clone repos from GitHub.

Here's the general architecture:

  • GitLab 7 installed on its own droplet using One-Click install
  • URI of the server is
  • is on a separate droplet

Here's the background of the issue:

  • Attempted to clone public repo with https clone uri; no dice
  • Attempted to clone public repo with https fork uri (clone_uri/fork); no dice
  • Forked public repo into my personal GitHub account and attempted authenticated clone in GitLab with the https clone uri; no dice
  • In case you're curious, the public repo is

When trying to clone my GitHub fork, I used the URI syntax of, and for all other attempts I used the standard clone URI. In all instances GitLab generated the error "Import failed. Retry?"

Prior to using this One-Click installed GitLab droplet I had an old test droplet I set up myself with Ubuntu 14.04 and GitLab 7, and, IIRC, I was able to clone projects from GitHub with no issue.

I'm not familiar with how the One-Click install config'd everything. Any ideas of error logs I can look at?

Based on Googling I think it could either be

  1. nginx config issue
  2. SSH key issue with GitHub
  3. A physical limitation of my brain

Thanks in advance!


  • I looked in /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-shell/gitlab-shell.log and I can confirm that at one point I was able to import from GitHub.

    Not sure what's changed.

    I also tried gitlab-ctl reconfigure and received this error:

    Recipe Compile Error in /opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/gitlab/recipes/default.rb

    I may just destroy the droplet and start over.

  • So I destroyed the droplet and started over from scratch. Seems to be working again. Hopefully this issue doesn't rear its head again.

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