Unable to connect to droplet after taking snapshot

January 12, 2016 2k views
Firewall Networking DigitalOcean CentOS

I’m unable to connect via SSH to my droplet just after takin snapshot of the long and painful server install I just did.

The web console is accessible and I can verify that the sshd is running, and I have no iptables, ufw or any other firewall install on the centos 6.5 machine, and I can’t find a reason why I m unable to ssh to the box. Also I create another droplet from my snapshot and I can’t ssh into that one too, is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong here? First time user sorry

1 Answer

Since you are able to access the console and see the ssh service running this sounds like it could be a networking issue. Try pinging your droplet and see if you are able to get a response. Then I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team so they can investigate the issue further.

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