Unable to connect to MySQL Workbench

December 3, 2014 30.5k views

I’ve been trying to connect my mysql db through workbench over SSH, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

I keep getting the error “Could not connect the SSH Tunnel, please check username and password.” and right after that error “Failed to connect to MySQL at through SSH tunnel at [my droplet ip] with user root”

What I have at the moment:
SSH Hostname: [droplet ip]
SSH username: root
SSH password is blank
SSH key file: [private key path]
MySQL hostname:
MySQL port: 3306
username: root
password: [mysql user root password]

I’ve already tried switching the bind-address and the MySQL hostname to, but nothing changed. I also checked if port 3306 is occupied but that wasn’t the case.

Also at workbench server connection editor there are 2 extra tabs, Remote Management and System Profile. Do I have to do something there or should I choose, Do not use remote management?

Thank you

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This question was answered by @pietervdheuvel:

I was running in to the same problem and found a solution here.

Basically, you need to convert your Putty key to an OpenSSH format using PuttyGen.

Hope this helps!

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