Unable to create a NYC3 Volumes

Posted January 3, 2019 1.7k views
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I am unable to create any size Volumes in NYC3. I keep getting error-slider:

“The backend responded with an error”


When I try to create a NYC3 Droplet + Volumes, I get a bunch of error-sliders with these messages:

0 v.
1 o.
2 l.
3 u.
4 m.
5 e.
7 d.


The sliders stay on long enough to take a screenshot then disappear … as I type this question, it appears the error-sliders are attempting to write the message.

So far, I am not experiencing this create Volumes problem in any other Region. I am able to detach NYC3 Volumes and attach them to other Droplets … I am also able to resize Volumes … only the Create NYC3 Volumes fails.

As anyone had the same experience? If so, how did you fix the issue? Support seems to suggest this is my issue, when in fact it a DO Backend issue on my Account for creating NYC3 Volumes .... like some Volume create process is stuck.

Appreciate any help you can provide to Support or me to get this problem resolved.

Thank you.


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Hey friend, I took a quick look and you have indeed hit your volume limit in NYC3. Can you pop a ticket to Support and we can move the limit if appropriate. It’ll also give us a means of collecting feedback about this unhelpful error you’re seeing. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply … limit?

How were you able to tell I hit some NYC3 Volumes limit yet Support couldn’t?

I started with Droplets in NYC1 and started bringing up large storage required Droplets in NYC3 because of Spaces and bandwidth usage between Region Droplets … and now there are no more Spaces in NYC3 … GREAT!

I now have Droplets in NYC1, NYC3, and SFO2 with plans on adding Droplets in AMS3.

Why is there a limit on my Account on NYC3 Volumes? How can I tell what limit is in each Region and how can I tell when I start to approach these Volumes limits? And more importantly, how do I get the Volumes limit raised for my Account across all Regions?

I would suggest DO: 1) have better error messages and 2) mention something about Regionals Volumes limits. Volumes supposedly can grow to 16TB, can be attached to any Droplet within that Region and each Droplet can have 4 Volumes … so if I have 50 Droplets in NYC3, I should be able to have 200 16TB Volumes, right?

I opened a Support Ticket yesterday or the day before about this, should I open another one?

Again, I appreciate the quick answer from the Community (you).


  • I’m not sure why Support couldn’t tell you that, sorry mate. Every account has limits in order to prevent abuse. Occasionally we need to lift various limits as your usage grows.

    Totally agree we need better error messages around this aspect, and I thought we previously did (i.e., this might be a new bug, it might just need improvement too).

    If you pass me the ticket number I’ll ask for internal escalation. -nick

Yeah, I don’t know why Support couldn’t tell me either … once I posted your reply into the Ticket, I get: “oh yeah, there are limits” … Ticket #2938545

Also, please look into Ticket #2910594 … another one of those “run around” replies from Support … since it was obviously a waste of time trying to get the issue resolved, I created 2 new Droplets getting 2 new IPs and Deleted the “problem” Droplets (IPs) … I now know to test the domain resolve (lookup) time before configuration a new Droplet … another “work around” due to the lack of true Support … I was a HelpDesk / Support VP for years = Customer is always right, solve the issue so the Ticket can be closed and if you can’t, escalate it to a Senior Support Staff.

Again, appreciate your input in getting the Volume creation solved … glad I asked the Community.