Unable to create droplets after payment

September 3, 2015 1.7k views
DigitalOcean Getting Started Email

I have already finish the payment and got an email about spin up a droplet. Yet each time I try to create a droplet, there is nothing but several lines of words on the page, and all of them are unresponsive. Never able to see any pic of the pages. Same question doesn’t show up in other website or the community.

1 Answer

@SleepySheep - If you’re seeing anything other than a progress bar updating once you attempt to deploy, I’d recommend logging out, clearing your browser cache, logging back in and trying once again. If that doesn’t work, get a support ticket in with a link to a screenshot (blurring out any potentially private details, especially if using a public hosting service). Quite a few changes have been taking place within the Control Panel, and it’s possible you may have caught them during an update roll-out (or even a fix).

  • Thank you. I’ve already solved the problem. It might because the my Internet connection is not very stable.

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