Unable to find var/www/html

January 9, 2016 2.9k views
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Hello. Right now I have an Ubuntu MEAN 14.04 droplet, and I am trying to transfer an html file using SFTP via Filezilla.

I connect to my droplet on filezilla as a non-root user, and I am able to move into /var but var/www and var/www/html apparently do not exist.

How can I solve this so that I am able to transfer the HTML file to my website?

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  • Also, I accessed my droplet through putty and switched to the root user and still was unable to find var/www

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If /var/www/html doesn't exist, then it is likely the case that your web server installation is not configured to use that directory as the web root. Take a look at your web server configuration files to see which directory is designated as the web root. Then move your HTML files there. Alternatively, if you really want /var/www/html as the web root, you can change the configuration. Just be aware that it will require particular permissions to work properly and securely.

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