Unable to open my website even after setting up domain name

December 30, 2014 1.8k views


I am new to DO and Ghost platform. I have successfully setup the droplet and set the domain name as directed in the blog post "How To Use the DigitalOcean Ghost Application". But I am unable to open the website through domain name. I can only open it through IP address.

What should I do?

  • Hi! Do you get any errors when you try to browse to your domain name? Have you configured DNS to point your domain name to your droplet?

    by Etel Sverdlov
    This article walks you through setting up the DNS for your site. The tutorial includes steps to set up an A records, point your nameservers, and provides some information about MX records.
  • No, there has been no problem whatsoever. When I browse to my domain name, it won't just load up. It says 'Server not found'. But when I enter the IP address, it opens immediately. Yes I have configured DNS to point to my droplet. I have double checked the spellings too.

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Presuming that you have correctly setup an A record pointing your domain name to the droplet's IP address, there are two files you'll also want to edit on the server in order to get up and running using the domain name rather than the IP address.

First, edit your Nginx configuration at /etc/nginx/sites-available/ghost and change the current server_name from to your domain name.

Next, edit your Ghost blog's configuration file at /var/www/ghost/config.js and update the production url as well:

    production: {
        url: '',

Finally, restart both for the changes to take effect:

service ghost restart
service nginx restart

Check out this tutorial for all the information on using the Ghost One-Click app:

by Hannah Wolfe
DigitalOcean's one-click "application" installation allows you to create a droplet with Ghost pre-installed, running and ready to go in just a few short minutes! The instructions below will take you from zero to blog.

It is the liability of your hosting company not yours. There may be some technical issue that would only be solved by hosting company. Possibilities of such problem occurrence is only when your domain is expired and not renewed. You should check Tucows/OpenSRS list and if your domain is listed there, you need to renew it by contacting your domain registrar.

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