Unable to power on after shutdown droplet

April 5, 2017 3.1k views
DigitalOcean Apache Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu

I tried several times to restart my droplet via command lines, but always the console crashed. After all flaws, I turned it off through the Digital Ocean panel, but now every time I turn it on a message appears saying something has gone wrong.

6 Answers

I'm having the exactly same problem... I can't get my droplet powered on again!

Welcome to the party. That I am not alone makes me feel a bit better. Hope the party is going the an end soon.
To make you feel you better- at least you haven't spend time relying that DigitalOcean Twitter can give you anything more than semi-automated answers.

For one of many servers servers:

  • Can't power on server from Digital Ocean control panel
  • Can't access backups
  • Can't access snapshots

Manual local backups are the only backups! Else if you can't access them in a timely manner, they're not backups.

Autobackups often have hidden costs and/or are inaccessible.

Flitting DNS over to previously prepared Linode server, upload local manual backups.

Meanwhile, Digital Ocean wait 3 days to answer my support enquiry ...

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