Unable to renew let's encrypt certificate

November 1, 2016 1.6k views
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Hello DOies,

Following the link below to set up auto renew certificate.


At step 4 when I execute the command

> certbot-auto renew

command not found.

Can someone direct me from where the command should be executed. I am executing from home directory.

Thank you,

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First you have to install certbot :

Step 1 in https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-secure-nginx-with-let-s-encrypt-on-ubuntu-14-04

Then you can go back to Step 4 and use certbot-auto renew

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Let's Encrypt to obtain a free SSL certificate and use it with Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04. We will also show you how to automatically renew your SSL certificate. If you're running a different web server, simply follow your web server's documentation to learn how to use the certificate with your setup.
  • Thank much @romain821d4c16d . I was able renew my certificate. Now I have trouble starting the node js app using pm2. Its because pm2 is unable to take NODE_ENV variable. My server.js is reading 'env' variable to pick the appropriate environment logger settings and configuration.

    'env' is read as 'development' and which is not what I am looking for. Can you suggest me how to set the environment variable NODE_ENV to 'prod' once and for all so that whenever I use pm2 start <appname> it should read as 'prod'.

    Look forward to hear from you.

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