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I’ve recently upgraded my terraform setup to the newest version; 0.14.5, whilst doing this I also wanted to increase my maxNodeSetup; by increasing my current cluster size by 1. Unfortunately, I get the following error:
Terraform command 'apply' failed with exit code '1'.: Unable to update node pool: PUT

I use a CI to automatically update my infrastructure; any other changes go through perfectly fine but this update one does not.

My kubernetes plan step is the following:

 # digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster.kubernetes_cluster will be updated in- 
 ~ resource "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster" "kubernetes_cluster" {
id             = "fe2e1094-6501-4d61-8617-490093aca3ce"
name           = "olccluster"
tags           = []
# (13 unchanged attributes hidden)

 ~ node_pool {
    id                = "e70cda94-3ffb-461e-ae85-25ea3d298b14"
  ~ max_nodes         = 1 -> 2
    name              = "main"
    tags              = []
    # (7 unchanged attributes hidden)

The exact error is:

digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster.kubernetes_cluster: Modifying... [id=fe2e1094-6501-4d61-8617-490093aca3ce]

Error: Unable to update nodepool: PUT 422 validation error: user state.user state would prevent resource creation: !is_verified and is_hold

Note that I changed my GUIDS to random ones for this question.

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Hi @wouterjansen97

The error message state would prevent resource creation !is_verified and is_hold implies that you are either trying to use resources that are reserved for verified customer accounts, or that there is a hold on your account. For any account related inquiries I would recommend you reach out to our support team! They should be able to help get your situation cleared up!


John Kwiatkoski
Senior Developer Support Engineer - Kubernetes