Unable to verify domain using DNS TXT record after adding it.

Posted January 19, 2018 44.2k views
DNSConfiguration Management

i wanted to verify my newly added domain adding nameserver to move it from godaddy to digital ocean and have made it live.However i wanted to verify my domain name by using TXT to my domain as suggested by google webmaster. -

 Add the TXT record below to the DNS configuration for

I successfully created a new TXT record under Networking and added it with my domain name.So in the DNS records table, i can see new entry as shown below -

Type    Hostname           Value                                                                  TTL (seconds) 
 TXT         MYDOMAIN         pasted the value provided by google                      3600

But after trying to verify my fails always.Wondering where i went wrong.
Kindly help.

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I was having this problem (Oct, 2019), and here was my solution:

Problem: I was setting the text record on the full domain. For example, I was adding the prefix “www” in the TXT record, which assigned the text record to my full domain -

Solution: In the “hostname” section of Digital Ocean networking, you need to put the “@” symbol, which will assign the text record to the top level domain (i.e. “”) rather than the subdomain (i.e. “”).

Hope that helps someone!

  • and any luck with google domains like mine which is not pointing to https status . more than 72 hours passed

    This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in
    If spelling is correct,
    try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

    any help . please

How long did you wait?
You may need to wait up to 12 - 48 hours for propagation

its almost close to 24 hrs but i wlll wait more one day to get this into effect.Thanks for the highlighting this.
I knew this but i forgot as changes in DNS take some time.Will update after two days.Thanks for your time.

  • One other thing to note.

    Have you updated the DNS of your domain name to the digitalocean nameserver(s):

    This will be required for DNS to work under the Digitalocean networking section.

    • i already have the same setting but its not working.

      DNS records
      Type                    Hostname                       value
      A                            directs to 139.**.**.**   
      TXT                         returns google-site-verification=MKtQS_Ympu4gUpmqU2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      NS                           directs to
      NS                            directs to
      NS                          directs to

      What is wrong here?

      • OK

        Where you registered your domain (GoDaddy, namecheap, etc…) you need to ensure that your domain has the name servers set to,, and You may need to consult your registrar on how to set this, but usually it is pretty straight forward. Take note that if a change is needed it will take some time to propagate.

        Once that is complete - In your Digitalocean Control Panel navigate to the networking area and select the domain you would like to work with.

        The basic entries for your DNS should be as follows…

        Type: A -- Hostname: DOMAINNAME.TLD -- Value: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
        Type: CNAME -- Hostname: www.DOMAINNAME.TLD -- Value: DOMAINNAME.TLD
        Type: NS -- Hostname: DOMAINNAME.TLD -- Value:
        Type: NS -- Hostname: DOMAINNAME.TLD -- Value:
        Type: NS -- Hostname: DOMAINNAME.TLD -- Value:

        Replace DOMAINAME.TLD with your domain name and XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with the IP/Floating IP of your droplet.

        If you’re not using a Floating IP I would suggest to do so. Here is a great tutorial regarding that.

        When this is complete your domain using either or will resolve to the droplet IP/Floating IP

I have the same problem. I am trying to assign this personal URL


This is a domain that I own through Godaddy. I have added the TXT record, and the CNAME record and the A record also exists.

I have attached the screenshot of the DNS record at Godaddy. The CNAME record verifies, but the TXT record refuses to verify, so I am unable to add my custom URL. It would appear that instead of using either TXT record or a CNAME record, Google looks for a TXT record first, and if that fails to verify, it doesn’t bother with the CNAME record. This looks like sloppy programming to me.

What exactly is the issue here? I will just say that this is an extraordinarily complicated verification process, and I think Google could simplify and streamline this