Unicorn workers are being reaped after rebooting the server

July 3, 2017 1.6k views
Ruby on Rails Ubuntu

I recently updated my rails droplet (it is a one-click Ubuntu 14.0.4 droplet set up a while back) to use chruby for ruby management, and updated ruby.

I source chruby in /etc/profile.d/chruby.sh and I removed RVM. Everything appeared to be working as intended.

However I noticed that after rebooting unicorn wasn’t restarting. I fixed the /etc/default/unicorn to remove the rvm paths, and I created a unicorn_wrapper to source chruby, switch to the rails app dir, then bundle exec unicorn.

Starting and stopping unicorn via /etc/init.d/unicorn and service unicorn both succeed and the workers run. However after a reboot the workers are immediately “reaped”.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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Hi @ryanbooker ,
My understanding is that unicorn run properly but not running after reboot? if this is correct you can use update-rc.d to make unicorn run on boot

update-rc.d unicorn defaults

Thank you.

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