'Unreachable' error when trying to Fetch as Google

May 26, 2015 4.7k views
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I just moved my site to DigitalOcean from a shared server. The site is working fine, but Google is having a hard time crawling it. I tried to do Fetch as Google but on every page, I get an 'Unreachable' error. Do I need to do something to the server to help google see my page?

My site is a Laravel based site, using a LAMP server on Ubuntu 14.04.

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As it shows in the access log, Google gets a 500 Internal Server Error as a response. Check your error logs.

  • Thanks for replying.

    The apache2 error log shows no error after a google bot attempt.

  • Then check your error reporting settings in php.ini and your ErrorLog configuration on Apache.

  • Im pretty new at all this. What should I be looking at/changing?
    Ive tried to request my header info from quite a few automatic header request/seo tools and they are all getting 500s too. The site works fine otherwise.... Im really confused.

Solved. Had a look at my Laravel logs and found a php error. Fixed that and its working smoothly now.
Thanks for your input, Woet!

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