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March 16, 2015 4.2k views
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Hello fellow dev/admins I was catching-up on several subjects about standards and the new HTTP/2 to start planning changes for next implementations of our platforms, and I was wondering how the drop of SPDY by Google and implementation of HTTP/s will affect on this specific topic HTTPS as a ranking signal . I been looking for info but can’t find anything about this, so maybe you can share any information available, specifically about HTTP/2 requiring https/ssl and Google keeping HTTPS as ranking signal.

As far as I get HTTP/2 will still use http and https so will Google keep the stand about HTTPS?

Recently Cloudflare rolled out “Universal SSL: Encryption all the way to the origin, for free” and we are participating on the beta, and I have to say it works nice! with our Nginx servers and SPDY web sites and applications are really fast and with free SSL is like a win situation, but we need more information before we decide to implement this on mayor scale, off course SPDY will be available for a while, so we can still use it for some projects but will be better to think ahead and make an informed decision.

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Nice to read HTTP/2 FAQ at https://http2.github.io/faq/ ;)

while HTTP/2 technically can be done over non-https connection, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox are only supporting HTTP/2 over https TLS so you will still need SSL certificate for HTTP/2 protocol connections. So like SPDY, HTTP/2 is still SSL only.

Don’t think it will change rankings though, SSL is SSL unless Google gives HTTP/2 preference over SPDY and non-SPDY SSL ?

I am already testing HTTP/2 via h2o server my world flags demo at https://h2ohttp2.centminmod.com:8081/flags.html :)

Future is bright once Nginx gets their HTTP/2 implementation rolled out :D

@eva2000 thanks for sharing, I was wondering if anyone will give any opinion about it at all. So if I get it right and browsers like Chrome and Firefox will require SSL for HTTP/2 then is possible Google will keeps is mind over using SSL/HTTPS as page rank signal?

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