Upgrading a droplet

April 29, 2014 3k views
HI Folks, If I sign on with one of the less expensive droplets (the $5 / month plan), would I be able to upgrade that to the $20 / month plan without spinning a new droplet and migrating all of my content to the new one? Thanks, Chris
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You have two options. You can use the "fast resize" option to quickly upgrade your droplet to have more RAM and CPU cores. This can generally be done with less than a minute of down time. The draw back is that it doesn't make any changes to your disk size. You can do this using the "Resize" option right in the control panel:


If you need to also increase the disk size, then you can use a snapshot like JT suggested. Just check out this tutorial:

by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers how to manually migrate droplets between hypervisors by taking a snapshot of the droplet and then spinning it up in a large or smaller size.
Yes, DO give us the ability to resize our droplets.
No, you would need to snapshot your droplet and redeploy from that snapshot with a higher package. The fast resize option doesn't change disk space.
OK, but that doesn't sound that hard. Thanks for your answer ;-)

how to upgrade memory doplet from 512 to GB? How much cost price? there is a black friday coupon?


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