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Posted September 25, 2013 5.7k views
Hi there, I currently have an old droplet 256meg of ram. I would like to upgrade to the 1gig of ram version, however, I am concerned about loosing all my configuration and work that I did on that server - its under constant use.. Is it possibly to just upgrade the droplet (restart my server?) without having to migrate everything I have so far? Thanks, Alex.

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You can just power off your droplet and resize it. Your data will be preserved and nothing will be lost.
"... I am concerned about loosing all my configuration and work that I did on that server ...."

Then you better make sure to take a snapshot of your droplet b/f you upgrade and/or create an offsite backup (with e.g. Duplicity, rsync, etc.).
How to resize? I only see "Fast Resize" menu under "Resize" no options to actually change anything...
@vendors: Please open up a support ticket, the hypervisor your droplet is on might be full


There are two options to upgrade your droplet to a larger size.

The first, fast resize increases or decreases your CPU and RAM according to the new plan selected [but does not resize the disk]. The benefit is the resize is processed with a simple reboot: shutdown your server from the command line, select the new size, and then click “Boot” from the control panel,

The second, a migrate-resize will move your virtual machine to another hypervisor and also resize the disk in the process. This process is longer and can take up to 35-40 minutes, depending on the size of your virtual server and how much diskspace is being utilized.

Below is the tutorial on how to resize Droplets using snapshots:

Please note that once you resize to a larger disk, you will no longer be able to select a smaller plan for a fast-resize. This is because there will be a disk mismatch and you cannot currently shrink a droplet’s disk.