Upload/download to/from Spaces is ridiculously slow from droplet in same region

Posted May 20, 2019 3.7k views

Hi. I am evaluating DigitalOcean for a project and I will need object storage for backups as well as droplets, so obviously I thought I’d try Spaces. Well, I find the service ridiculously slow - for example uploading some data from a droplet in AMS3 to a space in AMS3 took a very long time at an average of 10 to 20 MB/sec max (often under 1 MB/sec); uploading exactly the same data from the same droplet but to Wasabi eu-central was A LOT faster, at around 70 MB/sec.

I thought that being the droplet and the space likely in the same data centre, using Spaces would be much faster than using Wasabi.

Any idea of why it’s so slow or is the service just slow, period?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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3 answers

I have the same question! I tried many ways but still not :(

  • I was told by support that I should back up large files with multi part upload, but for my tests I was using s3cmd which does multi part upload… Whatever I have tried it performs poorly with both lots of small files and large files. I am creating now another droplet to try again but with no much hope right now. I would like to use DO because it’s adding services that I may need, but if I can’t even back up stuff reliably and efficiently from a droplet to a space in the same dc… then I am not sure I will choose DigitalOcean for my project.

The Spaces are recently way too slow and too frequent down. So, I have refused these services and serving files from my own servers again..