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July 7, 2017 924 views
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We have a static content server in the AMS2 area (at floating IP, and although we have simmetric 300mbps FTTH connections at the office, we are only getting constant 180kbps upload rates when uploading contents to the droplet via FTP (although download speeds seems more or less reasonable), making content uploads almost eternal (4gbs -> 13 hours).

Is that normal? How can it be improved?

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Distance plays a huge role when it comes to slower than normal/expected download/upload speeds, though 180 Kbps does seem a bit slow.

I would recommend submitting a support ticket to see if we can get that checked on both ends.

If you can, when submitting the ticket, include an mtr with it as that's what is generally asked for on issues like these and providing it upfront in the first ticket will help speed things up :-).


If you're on Windows, you can use WinMTR.

If you're on MacOS, you can install mtr using Homebrew.

brew update && brew install mtr


You'd then want to run:

mtr -rw DROPLET_IP

Where DROPLET_IP is your AMS2 Droplet IPv4 IP.


On MacOS, you'll need to use sudo to run the command and enter the password you use to log in to your Macbook/Pro:

sudo mtr -rw DROPLET_IP
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