Uploading RAW (NEF) FIles to Digital Ocean Spaces

Posted March 22, 2018 2.6k views
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Hey there,

Experiencing a bit of a weird edge-case scenario with Digital Ocean Spaces.

Context: We’re using the Spaces API to let our clients upload RAW image files (NEF format) which are then downloaded by our employees.

Problem: Despite being correctly uploaded as NEF files, the files are downloaded as .tiff when downloaded from the Digital Ocean Spaces in Chrome. In Firefox, the file is correctly downloaded as NEF.

What I’ve tried so far to narrow the problem down:
1) Uploading directly via your UI and confirming the problem happens that way too
2) Uploading and downloading the file to a different cloud storage provider (I tried Google Drive and AWS S3 and both providers download the file as NEF correctly).
3) Tried different NEF files to confirm it’s a widespread problem

I’m not sure exactly why this is happening – something with the content-type of the file perhaps?

In any case, it’s a weird issue and will heavily affect the way we can use Digital Ocean Spaces for our use case, so any ideas or help would be appreciated. I submitted this as a ticket as well, but figured I’d give the forums a try as well

Thanks so much!

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@jkudish thanks for reporting this. I’ll ping the engineering team to see if they know what could be causing this issue.

Do they have the Content-Type image/x-raw?

@jonny5alive The expected content-type for the particular NEF files we were trying should have been image/x-nikon-nef but Digital Ocean always returns it as text/plain. When I upload and download the same file into/from Google Drive, it has a content-type of image/x-nikon-nef in the response. I think this might have something to do with it; though it’s still odd that only Chrome processes this incorrectly.

I’ve been told (via a ticket to Digital Ocean) that the engineering team is looking into this.

I suggest trying a program like (free) . I’ve been using it, and the paid MountainDuck with great success.

  • @jonny5alive thanks for your suggestion but the whole point is to have a web interface for our clients and employees to access the files. Wouldn’t be very user friendly, nor secure (since only some people have access to some files) to give everyone access via cyberduck.

@jkudish: please check your support email response for a followup to this

other readers:
text/plain is the content-type was type set by the uploading client in the original ticket, and Spaces returns that same value during downloads (as a customer-controlled field).