Uploading site with SFTP and Dreamweaver?

Posted July 11, 2015 3.8k views
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Forgive the noobishness, I’ve never done this before. I’ve bought a domain, spun up a droplet, specified DO’s DNS servers with my registrar, accessed my droplet with PuTTY, changed the password and verified that digitalocean was hosting my domain name with whois. I’m using Adobe’s Dreamweaver to upload my site via SFTP, and Dreamweaver gave me a notice that I successfully connected. I uploaded a simple index.html file to the server and it seemingly went through Screenshot on photobucket but now when I try to access my site it says it’s down or reverts to my registrar’s generic site. What gives? Do I need to wait a little bit or have I skipped a step in setting up my site?

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Questions are never stupid as long as you learn from them ;). First you need to give some more information of your droplet. Did you install it with a one-click lamp servic or are you running something else like nginx?

Then if you got a webserver running, I recommend you save your website locallly and then upload it manually with like a nice looking client (suggest WinSCP). You can then easily upload your site to the weblocation, so you are sure it is uploade in the right directory.

  • I simply installed Ubuntu 14.04 x64 I didn’t think I was going to need lamp because the site I’m uploading is pretty simple. I was messing around in PuTTY and installed Apache2 and it’s now visible on my site so clearly I’ve got it set up… but I can’t update the index.html page because I apparently don’t have access to the var/www/html folder. Should I install mySQL and PHP too? I’m so lost D’:
    EDIT: Oh wait, I think I’ve got it! Why was that so hard?

  • Okay, I’m uploading my site and it’s live for like a minute then it reverts. There’s no reason for this as it’s a super small file (1kb). I’m pretty bummed.

When you are using WinSCP or any other client you always need to check permissions. For example if you are using the root user to upload files, it will have root permissions. Apache could then not be able to use this site, especially when its PHP.

No you don’t have to install mysql and PHP too, only if you need this. How do you mean its live and then reverts? Could you post the apache logs?