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Do we not need to run urandom service at startup? It's not enabled in Debian 7.0 droplet by default. Also, the system runs console-kit-daemon startup. There's no init script for consolekit, why is it launched?
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You can enable it to run on start-up if you want.

As for console-kit-daemon, I suggest you take a look at https://ask.fedoraproject.org/question/8489/console-kit-daemon-what-is-this-service-for/?answer=13364#post-id-13364
I wanted to know if there's any reason for leaving urandom disabled. I use another VPS in Xen environment with different provider and it's disabled there as well. I'm not very familiar with virtualization
There isn't a specific reason why urandom is disabled. If you need it, you can configure it to run on start-up.
I was wrong - only looked at /etc/rc2.d, but urandom is in /etc/rcS.d which executes, too.
urandom is enabled after all by default.
I wish next Debian release switched its init system to systemd :)
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