URGENT: How to connect to mongodb atlas cluster from a kubernetes pod?

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Unable to connect to mongodb atlas with kubernetes pod. Tried almost everything available on internet, but no luck.

yaml file

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: weare-auth-depl
  replicas: 1
      app: weare-auth
        app: weare-auth
        - name: weare-auth
          image: <docker-username>/weare-auth
            - name: PORT
              value: "3001"
      restartPolicy: Always
      dnsPolicy: Default
apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: weare-auth-srv
    app: weare-auth
    - name: weare-auth
      protocol: TCP
      port: 3001
      targetPort: 3001

Here’s my express code

import mongoose from "mongoose";

import { app } from "./app";

const start = async () => {
  try {
    await mongoose.connect(
        useNewUrlParser: true,
        useUnifiedTopology: true,
        useCreateIndex: true,
    console.log("Connected to mongodb");

    const PORT = process.env.PORT || 3001;
    app.listen(PORT, () => {
      console.log(`Listening on port ${PORT}`);
  } catch (err) {


One of the stackoverflow post talked about setting the dnsPolicy, but even after setting it I’m unable to get the connection.
Any idea what am I missing here?

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1 answer

@meetaayush, the issue is that you’re trying to access your service from outside the cluster using the K8s default service type called ClusterIP. This type of service can only be accessed from within the K8s cluster. Thus, you can use any of the other available options:

  • NodePort (good for development)
  • LoadBalancer (good for development, staging, and production)
  • ExternalName (good for staging and production)

For more on the topic, I recommend referencing the following documentation here.

I wish you all the best and good luck with your project.

Think different and code well,


  • @conradwt I am using clusterIP because I want my auth service to be accessible with other pods.
    I have already tried creating a new service with ExternalName but even then I am unable to connect to mongo atlas.

    • @meetaayush Don’t know if you are still having trouble, however if you are, please do the following.

      1) Get the IP address of your node by running kubectl get nodes --output=wide.. this will display the external IPs of your nodes.

      2) Go to mongodb atlas -> select your cluster -> click on network access and then whitelist the ip of all nodes in your cluster or the specific node that hosts the pod you want to connect to atlas.

      Hope this helps