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DigitalOcean CentOS

Ticket #02721791.

I’ve open a support ticket 4hrs ago and no reply yet. It may sound “just 4hrs?”, but this is critical for businesses that are operating 24/7.

My droplet has been running since one year ago without fail until today, suddenly i couldn’t access my site via web browser so i started my investigation. Firstly i tried accessing to my droplet via SSH and Web Console, but i couldn’t access at all (Screen is black and it gets disconnected after awhile).

So I tried rebooting it via DO Cloud Dashboard, and finally at the login appears on Web Console; but still I couldn’t manage to login (error: Login Invalid). I assumed my password was wrong and i tried resetting my root password again, TWICE. But it’s still showing the same error.

I have no idea how to resolve this from my side anymore. But I’ll still try resetting once more after posting this

Support Team, Please look into this ASAP!!

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FYI I’ve resetted the 3rd time, typing the password again and again to make sure there’s no typo. But still showing “Login Invalid” via Web Console. Please assist!!

Hello, I could be spamming here until the issue is resolved. For a business that are running 24/7, I expect DO has a LIVE support to standby whenever needed. Don’t mention anything about LIVE Support fees, coz I dont see any options for that as far as i know.

After posting it here, there’s reply from “Ritesh Ranjan” from DO Support. But what I need is technical support that could have access to my server, network, and hardware to troubleshoot.

I’ve done all basic troubleshooting that could be done via DO Control Panel.

  • reset password
  • login via web console from DO control panel
  • doubled up my disk space
  • resetting root access again
  • typing password multiple times to ensure no typos
  • what else that have yet to try? - backup my Image and restore to a new droplet. I’m trying to avoid this step.
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