Url:mal website blocking

November 21, 2018 534 views
Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx Let's Encrypt


I just created a droplet yesterday and linked my registered domain ( from godaddy) to my server.(Ubuntu 18.04 and nginx) .

And there is no script on my website.Just a basic index.html file with a few html tags.

But my anti-virus program (avast free) always blocks my website for url:mal error.

I checked my website on virustotal.com and on other security check websites.My website is absolutely clean.

How can I fix this problem?

My website link: https://alljsjobs.com/

1 Answer


According to Avast, your website is detected as a threat. What you could do is submit the URL to AVG https://www.avg.com/submit-sample for analysis, if found genuine it will be added to the global exception list.


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