URL to Zpanel?

August 12, 2013 14.9k views
I've installed Zpanel on Ubuntu 12.04. no problem. the url to the zpanel was my domain, let's just say it was digitalocean.com (it wasnt, but I'd rather not post the real domain). so I went to digitalocean.com and added my domain in the domain feature in zpanel. it created a new folder in /var/zpanel/hostdata/zadmin/public_html/digitalocean_com I hit refresh and now digitalocean.com is the index.html file in that folder. this is great! But how do I access zpanel now?? I've tried zpanel.digitalocean.com and digitalocean.com/zpanel/ I can't seem to find my zpanel any more! How do I get to it?
2 Answers
Have you tried your IP address, instead of your domain name?

When you setup ZPanel on your server, it asks you during installation what the control panel URL should be - for example, zpanel.digitalocean.com. You then need to set up the sub-domain and point the A record to the IP address of your server.

You MUST NOT add the sub-domain to the ZPanel interface, as it causes all sorts of problems. This information is well documented on the ZPanel installation guide.

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