Use a snapshot created from a higher-tier droplet for a lower-tier droplet?

June 7, 2015 1.7k views
Fedora DigitalOcean Backups

I had to use the 4 GB Droplet to compile and set up the configuration I wanted.

However when I finished and then poweroff’d my droplet and snapshotted, when I went to create a lower tier droplet I found out I couldn’t use the snapshot I created.

I know all the changes I’ve made hadn’t used much space.

How do I use the snapshot I spent a long time on creating with the droplet size I want?

1 Answer

A snapshot cannot be used to create a smaller droplet than the one from which it was created. The reason for this is that even if your files are not using the full size of your disk image the image itself would have to be scaled in order for this to work. Unfortunately that process is too error prone to use in production.

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