Use custom domain but keep email hosting.

May 14, 2018 1.1k views
Email DNS Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, I’m planning to move my production web app from a Cpanel hosting to a DO droplet + Laravel forge.
However, I didn’t consider there are a few existing email accounts in use for my app’s domain. In Cpanel, email accounts were pretty easy to setup/manage.

Is there any way that I can keep the Cpanel email functionality on my old hosting, but also have my domain point to my web app in the new DO droplet?

1 Answer

Yes. Web and Mail utilize different DNS records so they can be easily pointed to different IP addresses. What you’ll want to do is:

  • Change your blank or “@” A record to point to your droplet’s IP address
  • If “www” is defined with an A record instead of a CNAME, update it’s IP address as well.
  • Leave records like MX and A records for mail.yourdomain as they are.

Another option for email hosting would be to set up services with a provider like who provide a free tier of service for hosted email. This will allow you to continue to offer managed mail for your domains without the associated costs.

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