Use droplet as an external firewall

January 26, 2014 2.7k views
Can I configure a droplet to be an external firewall to another droplet? For example, if on droplet #1 there is an over-usage (DDOS attack), than droplet #2 will handle the attack while droplet #1 will remain active. Thanks in advance.
2 Answers
How would that help if Droplet #1 is attacked and is not able to serve Droplet #2's data?
Because if the website on droplet #2 is attacked, than droplet #1 will just stop the attack.

Droplet #1 that has the firewall won't have a public access (by IP Tables. Only droplet #2's IP address will be able to access droplet #1). It will be used just to stop the attack, not to display anything to the user. Access will be just between those two droplets.
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