Used ssh to access my droplet for months, and I forgot my digital ocean email. Want to re-scale my droplet what should I do?

February 14, 2018 727 views
DigitalOcean Email Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve created a digital ocean account with a new email few months ago. Using my droplet for months using putty/ssh.
And today I wanted to re-scale my droplet but forgot my credentials (just email) to my account.. Is there a way to recover my email associated with my droplet?

This is my other account =/

1 Answer

There is no automated method to recover the email address associated with your account since reaching out through another method without being logged in we have no way to verify the identity of the person contacting us.

If you are using the same method of payment (Credit Card or PayPal account) for both of these accounts we should be able to assist if you open a ticket from your existing account.

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