USed terminal to power down for power down but Web ui says still on an cant resize?

November 24, 2016 999 views
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Hi all,

I powered down my droplet as follows: sudo shutdown now

Back in the web panel, the droplet UI stated it was still on and I ended up shutting it down via the UI despite the warning. I then resized and back in business. Why didnt the DO app detect the droplet was off (which it was). Is this normal behaviour? Should I have resized within the DO web ui anyway?

Thanks in advance

1 Answer

That's because you probably already opened your Droplet details page (when you select specific Droplet). At this point it will not refresh power status if you shutdown via Console/SSH.
You could that without shutting down via UI. Simple page refresh (or going to All Droplets then your specific Droplet) would refresh power status and do the job.

I never paid attention to it as a bug. Probably it just don't uses something that will do refresh from time to time.

Maybe we can verify that with support or ask @ryanpq does he know more about it or is able to verify with support. :D

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