using a discord bot and it lags when playing music

June 16, 2016 30.9k views
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I have a $5 droplet and I have a discord bot that download music and streams it over a app called discord I don't know whats causing it to lag but its running like 15-30% cpu usage

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Hey there,

Lagging is never good. Being a 512mb droplet, my first thought is you're hitting a resource limit. Often with these things the issue is memory. I would suggest doing a flexible resize to a 1gb droplet and testing again, to see if that helps the issue.

If it does, you know you need more memory and can leave your droplet at 1gb. If it still doesn't help, the next thing I would check is the logs for your bot. There is some limit it is hitting causing it to lag and those logs would contain vital info to getting it fixed.

Finally, if you're still not able to get it working, open up a support ticket! The support team can take a look and help out!



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