Using cartopy + digitalocean

November 6, 2019 138 views

I use cartopy in a python script to periodically generate images of earth and tweet them. My code to generate the image is essentially:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as ccrs

ax = plt.axes(projection=ccrs.NearsidePerspective(central_longitude=long, central_latitude=lat, satellite_height=35785831/3))

If I run my code from my local Windows machine, the image is tweeted out correctly, whereas on digitalocean, it does not insert the stock image (from ax.stock_img(). The versions of cartopy should be identical, the image is on both machines in the same place.

I’m not sure if this is something the DO community can help with (I hope it is!) but has anyone encountered this before and if so – how do I rectify it?

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Hello, @sric560

Can you check if all the requirements are also having the same versions? I haven’t used Cartopy personally but I know it has other dependencies apart from python (you can check the python version as well)

Let me know how it goes.


  • Hey @alexdo – thank you! I had missed checking some dependencies, I updated and it’s all fixed now. Thanks!

    • I’m glad you’ve sorted this. Feel free to explain which were the missed dependencies so if anyone is having the same issue they’ll know what they’ve missed.


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