Using cPanel/WHM with DO - I would like DNS management to be done by cPanel/WHM

November 9, 2016 1.6k views
  • domain is hosted by godaddy
  • I have set the hostname ns1 and ns2 to the IP address and floating IP of my droplet
  • I have updated these changes in WHM

I still have no luck. one of my clients' website is not accessible unless I add it to DO's DNS.

2 Answers

In order for you to manage your domains in cPanel/WHM you cannot use the DigitalOcean DNS servers. cPanel/WHM includes a fully functional and integrated DNS server of it's own. Instead what you'll want to do:

1.) It is recommended to have a secondary DNS server, your cPanel/WHM server can act as your primary and cPanel offers free DNS-Only licenses for a lightweight version for use on your secondary server(s).

Note: while it's not recommended, some registrars may allow you to create your two nameservers with the same IP address. It may also be possible (I have not tested this) to use your main ipv4 address and a floating IP for the same effect.

2.) With your domain registar, GoDaddy in this case, you will want to register new nameservers by creating nameserver glue records. You'll create an and and point them to your droplet's IP addresses.

Now once the new registrations propagate (this could take up to 24-48 hours but is often quicker), you will be able to create domains and sites directly in cPanel/WHM after pointing the domain(s) to

  • Ok, so this is what I have done so far. However, still haven't had much success

    • I have created a new droplet
    • Assigned Floating IP
    • Installed cPanel DNSonly
    • Setup resolver and nameservers
    • Set nameservers to ns1(droplet IP) and ns2(floating ip).
    • I set the host names w/ IP address in godaddy domain manager - ns1 and ns2 point to DO IP and floating IP
    • Set my nameservers on main cPanel/WHM hosting server to ns1/ns2

    I feel like I might be missing something here. When I visit the clients website (account under cpanel/whm), website doesn't load. MXtoolbox gives error Unable to resolve "" to an IP address.

    • If you can share the domain you're setting up It'd be a lot easier to help troubleshoot. If you're not comfortable sharing it publicly you can share it in an email to me at (We'll keep the actual troubleshooting here but can share non-public information via email)

Okay, I am working on setting up a DNSonly server. Will post back once I make some progress

Thank you for posting so promptly!

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