Using DigitalOcean features to create a reliable server architecture

November 16, 2018 705 views
Load Balancing Ubuntu 16.04 High Availability Apache

Today I have several droplets for single tasks:

  • Apache / PHP - Quantity: 1
  • PostgreSQL - Quantity: 1
  • NodeJS - Quantity: 1
  • ElasticSearch - Quantity: 1

Unfortunately on November 14, 2018 one of these droplets went offline due to a hardware failure on the server and the Hypervisor was under maintenance.

I know this has little chance of occurring, but when it did it caused huge inconvenience for us.

What would be the best way to use DigitalOcean’s features to prevent this? That is, when one server crashes there is another ready to run immediately.

Can using the load balancing feature solve this? Are there any risks of both droplets having hardware failure?

What are your suggestions?

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