Using Drolet SSD Disk Space for Docker Volume - Possible?

November 21, 2019 152 views
Docker Storage

I understand a standard $5 droplet comes with 250Gb of disk space, is it possible to work using this space to save named volumes of docker instances? Or do I need to buy additional Block Storage to start? I ask this under the assumption the docker volumes are under 250gb in size.

I’m working on a small project and to start it wont need much disk space.



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Yes, you could use the droplet’s disk space for Docker volumes. This would work out of the box without any specific configuration needed. However, note that the $5 Droplet comes with 25GB of disk space and not 250GB.

Another approach that you could use is to use the DigitalOcean block storage. That way you could get 100GB of disk space for an extra 10$ per month. Here’s a step by step guide on how to use a block storage with Docker:

Hope that this helps!

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