Using Gmail in php mail() function

November 3, 2017 437 views
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first of all thanks for your great tutorials!

However, with this one (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-gmail-or-yahoo-with-php-mail-function) I encounter an issue I could not solve so far.

If I do:
cat sample_email.txt | msmtp --debug -a gmail bob@domain.com

There is a lot of console output, ending with:
reading recipients from the command line

If I wait long enough (approx. 2 minutes) I receive the mail. However, the problem propagates to phps mail function. This means, if a user fills out a contact form he has to wait for approx. 2 minutes until he receives feedback.

(When googling, I usually find that the /etc/hosts file needs to be properly set, however, this is not the issue here).

Any ideas?

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