Using Pfsense as Firewall, IDS/IPS and LoadBalancer, any luck?

Posted April 14, 2019 8.7k views
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I was able to install Pfsense on a droplet with the new custom image feature. It has private networking (using the private IP as LAN, no DHCP).

I am not able to get traffic to flow through the firewall to another droplet. I have tried enabling pretty much every rule I can think of in the firewall. LAN and WAN, But getting traffic to go from Pfsense WAN port 900 for example, to LAN and on to another droplets private IP port 900 is not working.

I am decently proficient with Pfsense on a physical network, but this is proving a bit harder than I thought. I am trying to use the Pfsense droplet as a Firewall, IPD/IDS and Loadbalancer. So far I have setup (but kept disabled) the IPS/IDS (Suricata) for now. The loadbalancer will point to 3 other droplets private IPs.

Just curious if anyone has had any luck with this or wants to give it a shot and let the community know the proper way to get traffic to flow through Pfsense over to private IPs of the droplets.

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A known limitation is that our network will block traffic will block traffic like this that’s trying to rewrite the source address. It’s something we’re exploring adding support for the in the future, but for now it wouldn’t be possible to set up a Droplet as a VPN or NAT gateway like this; the closest alternative might be setting up some kind of VPN that you connect all your Droplets or hosts to so they can directly access each other using traffic encapsulated by the VPN.

  • Is this still a limitation?
    I would love to set up a pfsense router droplet that connects my on-premise networks to my droplets private IPs through ipSec. I do this on my instances without any issues.

@ncole is this still a limitation? The link you posted for known limitations is dead/404

This limitations can be removed with VPC I think …

hello any upate here? i want to set a firewall (pfsense) as my vpc gateway to protect all my servers.

can this be done in march 2021?