Using Putty to connect to my droplets?

November 15, 2014 2.9k views

Can I use Putty to connect to my droplets? If yes, give a detailed example or better yet a video demo on YouTube.

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  • You sure can! I use PuTTY myself for access to my droplet running CentOS. What kind of example is it you’re after?

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by Etel Sverdlov
PuTTY is an open-source SSH and Telnet client for Windows. It allows you to securely connect to remote servers from a local Windows computer. This tutorial will cover how to connect to your Droplet from your local Windows computer using PuTTY.

Hi, I just created a video to show how to do one click connection with root and sample user with putty on Windows :

Here is the video (20min) :

Have a great success with your droplet !

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