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Posted May 12, 2017 2.1k views
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So I’m finally trying to deploy an app on the newish 16.04 Rails 1ClickApp and I’m following the old Rails 14 1ClickApp tutorial as there is no guides on how to use the current. I’m at this step:
“we’ll need source the /etc/default/unicorn file with this command:
. /etc/default/unicorn”

Of course the location of this file as well as its name has changed in 16.04 to ’ /etc/systemd/system/unicorn.service’

Now when I try the command ’/etc/systemd/system/unicorn.service’ it returns multiple errors:

[Unit]: command not found
No command ‘Rails’ found, did you mean:
Command 'rails’ from package 'ruby-railties’ (universe)
Rails: command not found
[Service]: command not found
-bash: /home/rails/rails_project/ No such file or directory
[Install]: command not found

The only error I have a slight hint on why it’s not working is the “No such file or directory” because I don’t have the file ’’ in my rails app for some reason. I would greatly appreciate help!

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Additionally I have found no articles or guides of anyone using the Rails 16.04 one-click-app

  • I just tried to use it and spent several hours already to make it deployable via Capistrano. Encoutered several problems already. Did you managed to set it up properly?