Using referral link with DigitalOcean logo

August 18, 2016 1.2k views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

At the bottom of the referrals page in my settings is the text “Please note: Bidding on branded keywords which include ‘digitalocean’ and/or 'digital ocean’ for ads is prohibited”. It’s not fully clear to me what that means, so I’d like to make sure.

At the bottom of my website’s footer, I have the DigitalOcean logo and currently it just links to DigitalOcean’s homepage (as a form of appreciation). If I were to make the image lead to my referral link instead, would that fall under “bidding of branded keywords”? It’s technically an ad, but it’s also not really one.

1 Answer

The DigitalOcean logo and the referral system has no relationship at all with either bidding or ad keywords, so you should be fine.

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