Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Zpanel as control panel, how to setup multiple websites in my droplet?

  • Posted December 8, 2012

Hi, I’ve installed Ubuntu in my droplet and wanted to try Zpanel as my control panel. It was installed perfectly in my 256k memory droplet. Now I’m confused where should I set my DNS entries for primary + additional domains? When I add a domain in Zpanel, it’s added without any issues. It created all the public_html folder, apache virtual host entries and everything was perfect. But my DNS are not yet resolved.

In my Domain control panel with Godaddy I’ve already added the relevant DNS entries for the domains. Now where to setup the DNS? (A, Cname, MX, NS entries) in my Zpanel or in the droplet DNS settings or in both places? Can somebody guide me in this? Thanks a lot in advance.


Pls can any one of you help on how to host a .cfm web application on ubuntu.

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@edsonrodsilva: Could you describe your problem a bit more? Where are you configuring your DNS, on DigitalOcean or with your domain registrar? What DNS records have you set up? I’d suggest setting up a wildcard CNAME like so: <br> <br>CNAME – * – @

Hi smriyaz, <br> <br>I also have the same problem. <br> <br>Managed to solve? <br> <br>Share us. <br> <br>A big hug.

<br>Let’s see if we can solve my problem. I’ve registered as a domain and in the “A” config, setup it with my server IP. Ok, now try it. You get error “410 Gone”. <br>I must confess I’m pretty new in zPanel. And I’m sure it’s somthing easy to solve. But I’m also lost and don’t know what to do. <br>My OS is Ubuntu 12.04 lts.

Hey @smriyaz I have the same problem. Were you able to resolve this? Can you share it with us? Thank you

OK Thanks a lot for helping out. I tried removing the hostname from digitalocean DNS setting keeping only the domain directly pointing to the IP. Now I can see the domain resolved perfectly. I’ll try creating the domains inside the Zpanel and let you know how that goes.

You can not use both services to manage your actual DNS because when you whois your domain it will list the nameservers that will be contacted globally for DNS look ups. <br> <br>So if you have pointed to: <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>Then you are all set to use our DNS management inside of the control panel. After that it seems you are just having a simple misconfiguration issue. So it’s best to test one thing at a time instead of making many changes at once as it will be hard to troubleshoot. <br> <br>When you add a domain into our DNS management it asks you for the IP you want to point it to and this will be added as an “A” record with the host entry being “@” which means that point to the IP you specified. <br> <br>Then you can add additional host entries like “www” or “myhost” as A records and point them to the IP of the virtual server. <br> <br>When you ping all of them if they resolve to the IP of your virtual server your DNS is properly set. After that the rest can be handled inside of Zpanel in terms of creating actual virtual hosts and point them to specific document roots to serve your websites.

Hi raiyu, <br>Thanks a lot for your quick response. Just to explain a bit more what I was asking, I’ve registered the domains with Godaddy and added Digitalocean name servers (which you’ve mentioned above) in there already. <br> <br>So now the issue is what is place I’ve to do the configuration in the hosting server (VPS). <br>I’ve added a host name in Digitalocean DNS management for my primary domain. say it’s ‘myhost’ and the domain is ‘’. <br> <br>I’ve setup the DNS entries in Godaddy for with digital ocean name servers. <br>now if I ping it’s pinging to the digital ocean IP given to my droplet. <br> <br>But if I ping to , it says ‘could not find host’ <br>And if i typed ‘’ in the URL field it goes to the Zpanel page, which is my actual site. But if I type ‘’ or ‘’ it goes to server not found page. <br> <br>Is it possible for me to use the same digitalocean name servers inside the Zpanel DNS management too? (I’ve already given the same entries in their as well for this domain). <br> <br>I’m really confused how to go with both DNS management systems (DigitalOcean & Zpanel) and sadly my domain is not working at the moment after entering the same DNS details in both places. What might be the cause for this? <br> <br>Thanking you in advance. <br>

It would depend on which nameservers your domains are pointed to. <br> <br>If you pointed your domains to GoDaddy’s nameservers and setup DNS in their control panel to point to the IP of your virtual server it should work. <br> <br>Likewise if you added those domains to our DNS management inside of our control panel, pointed them at the IP of the virtual server, and updated your domains nameservers to point to: <br> <br> <br> <br>It will also work. <br> <br>Lastly it’s very likely that Zpanel has its own DNS management inside of that and if you used it you would point the domains there at your virtual server’s IP address and you would also need to register one of your domains as a nameserver with the registrar where you registered your domains so that DNS queries would be pointed at your newly registered nameserver.