Using WebRTC with Digital Ocean

July 17, 2015 3.6k views
Ruby on Rails Security

We are looking for a PaaS (e.g., Heroku) or a web server (e.g., Digital Ocean) to host a website (written in RoR) that uses WebRTC to record videos, which are then uploaded to Amazon S3 for storage.

We tried Heroku a year ago but it wasn’t successful. The issue was after recording the video, WebRTC needs a temporary storage on the web server side, before the video could be uploaded to S3. Heroku didn’t allow it due to security issues.

We were just wondering if Digital Ocean has similar restrictions.

Thank you!

1 Answer

There are no restrictions, for e.g. if you buy the 20$ Droplet you have 40GB (-) Space for OS.

You can do everything you want on your Droplet, it just needs to be legal.

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