Vanilla on an existing One-Click Worpress Droplet

January 1, 2016 1.6k views
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Hi I am a complete noob…

I created a one-click wordpress droplet for my website. Then realised it will be awesome if I can have a discussion forum too.

I followed instructions on -

  • to do the following

1) Created mysql database called ‘vanilla’ and granted full privileges to a user called 'vanilla’ i created.
2) Uploaded the Vanilla installation files to server under /var/www/vanilla.

But now I am stuck on Step 3 (which is the actual installation). The How To says just typing the IP of my droplet would point to the install page for vanilla. However, the IP points to my Wordpress as default.

I tried entering - <ip address>/vanilla/ - and - <ip address>/var/www/vanilla/index.php. But all i get is a 404 error page of Wordpress.

Can anyone help?

1 Answer

Ubuntu 12.10 has been end of life for a while and is no longer supported. Our current WordPress one-click image uses Ubuntu 14.04 in which the default web root is /var/www/html and not /var/www/ since you placed your vanilla files outside the web root they would not be accessible.

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